Jersey Revels - 800 years of Loyalty to the English Crown

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In June 2004, the Island of Jersey, 12 miles off the coast of France was celebrating the 800th anniversary of their loyalty to the English Crown.  We had received a special invitation from the "Companie of the Duke's Leopards" (the only medieval reenactment group in Jersey) to come camp with them and participate in the revels.


A view of Gorey castle (Mount Orgeuil) from across the harbor.  (64 kb) Dubheasa, Terafan, and Lord Robert of Canterbury in the castle gateway.(66 kb)


A view down into the harbor from the top of the castle ramparts. (70 kb)

During the revels we did the following:


A view of our encampment, including the horses, Declan and Leo. 

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