Jersey Revels 
SCA Demonstration of a Pas d'armes

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Lord Robert of Canterbury and Master Terafan Greydragon prepare to give the Companie of The Duke's Leopards a demonstration of SCA combat in the style of a Pas d'armes.


Lady Berna de la Fontaine gives Lord Robert a Favour to wear. (105kb) Robert and Terafan agree to the terms of the first combat. (121kb)


They prepare to fight.  (88kb)
And so they begin.  (113kb) and continue. (110kb)


and continue until the last good blow is struck. (141kb)
A separate combat with different terms.(163kb) Robert has taken a leg blow and so fights from his knees. (160kb)


Robert striking Terafan's shoulder just before Terafan lands a blow to the back of Robert's head..  (199kb)
Terafan and Robert switch to pole weapons. (178kb) Lord returns the Favour to Lady de la Fontaine. (155kb)



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