Jersey Revels
Falconry/Hawking & Eustace the Monk

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Raphael Falconry put on a wonderful display of hawking and falconry.


A hawk from Raphael Falconry on the trebuchet. (106kb) The hawk has moved up the arms. (102kb) The hawk coming in for a landing on Raphael's glove.(116kb)


The hawk striking a "rabbit" being dragged by a little girl. (95kb) A nice shot of the hawk just standing there. (45kb)


Raphael with the hooded hawk.  (135kb)
Lady Emma with a goshawk. (104kb) The goshawk getting ready to fly. (100kb)


A hawk landing on Raphael's glove.(94kb)
Raphael about to swap some food for the hawk's prey.  (75kb)




The show of the evil pirate "Eustace the Monk" who attacked Mount Orgueil in the 13th century.

The army of "Eustace the Monk" comes marching in to attack Gorey castle.  (136kb) They fire the trebuchet at the castle. (109kb)


Loading for another shot. (105kb)
The trebuchet has caught part of the walls on fire, so so now the defenders come out to face Eustace and his army. (111kb)


Battle ensues... (105kb)



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