Jersey Museum 
Special Medieval
Items Exhibit

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The museum in St Helier was having a special exhibit of medieval items...with lots of medieval seals.
A reproduction of one of the seals found in Jersey. (148kb) Another cool seal. (134kb)


Several of the seals.  (146kb)
Info about the seals.  (76kb) A neat looking seal.. (145kb)


The matrix used to make the seal to the left. (109kb)
Info about the seal matrix.(107kb) Part of a stone sculpture from the British museum. (77kb)


Info about the stone scupture.  (149kb)
Some bits of chainmail found in Jersey. (152kb) Another shot, using a flash. (185kb)


Info about the chainmail fragments. (87kb)
A detailed shot of the a chainmail hauberk. (336kb) A flash shot showing the underarm of the chain hauberk. (446kb)


The entire chain hauberk. (192kb)
Info on the chain hauberk. (83kb) 3 seals showing ships.(190kb)


Info on the ship seals. (124kb)
A whole collection of trade seals. (105kb) Info on the trade seals. (64kb)


Another seal. (67kb)
An original seal matrix from the 12th century. (91kb) Info on the seal matrix. (59kb)


Another seal  (110kb)
Yet another seal  (177kb) And one more seal.  (117kb)


Info on making seals.  (69kb)
The Westminster Bridge sword and scabbard. (73kb) Info on the Westminster Bridge sword. (142kb)


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