Jersey Revels 
Performance of the "de Carteret" Story

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The Companie of the Duke's Leopards presented performances of the story of Phillipe De Carteret's imprisonment and his wife's ride for freedom.

"The De Carteret Story, 1494"; or "The Baker Plot" -
Matthew Baker was appointed Governor in 1486. According to the extant records he spent almost 8 years trying to "work with" the intransigent Jersey Siegneurs (senior nobles), before finally plotting to remove the leader of that Opposition by arranging for the legal assassination of Phillippe De Carteret [who was Baker's 3rd-in-command, in military terms, and equivalent by tradition to any of the English "Great Barons" in status] through a trumped-up charge, and a tainted "Ordele By Battel" (trial by combat).  The whole plot took place between late-May - and August 10th, 1494.


Lord Governor Messire Matthew Baker, having already imprisoned Phillipe De Carteret, is faced by an outraged Lady Berna de la Fontaine. (146kb)


Baker has words with Lady de la Fontaine while his guards watch. (168kb) Lady de la Fontaine's "prattling" drives Governor Baker to anger.  (164kb)
Governor Baker has Lady de la Fontaine arrested..  (230kb) Lady Marguerite De Carteret's guard rides in and catches Roger Le Boutillier by surprise. (193kb) Marguerite follows (riding side-saddle on Leo, a massive 18.2 hands high horse) and demands to know why Phillipe is imprisoned. (172kb)


Governor Baker calms his guards after harsh words are said.(171kb) Governor Baker tells Marguerite that Phillipe will face trial by combat (and she rides away vowing to free her husband). (170kb)


Governor Baker slaps Lady de la Fontaine after she insults him.(108kb)
Phillipe and Roger prepare to begin the combat while the Marshal of The Lists, Master Robert De St. Helier watches. (140kb) Phillipe and Roger fight with great swords. (96kb)


Combat continues with swords and bucklers. (137kb)
and continues.... (1576kb)

In the interim, with amazing fortitude, Lady Marguerite De Carteret completes two desperate 200-mile cross-country rides - from the harbour of Poole, Dorset, to the King's Court at the Palace of Sheen near Richmond on the River Thames, and then back to the coast - only 4 weeks [at most] after having delivered a baby girl.  


Marguerite's guard rides in to break up the fight.. (88kb) Marguerite's is hot on her guard's heels. (187kb) Marguerite orders the combat be ceased in the King's Name. (143kb)


Marguerite shows Governor Baker the Letters Patent from the King.(76kb)


Marguerite embraces Phillipe... (145kb) ... while her guard watches. (190kb)

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