Jersey Revels - 800 years of Loyalty to the English Crown

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Shots around Gorey castle...
A view of Gorey Castle from across the harbor.  (77 kb) Dubheasa, Terafan, and Robert of Canterbury standing in the entrance archway to Mount Orgueil (Gorey Castle). (170 kb)


A little closer shot of the three of us. (165 kb)
Robert in a small alcove holding the castle well.  (124 kb) A better view of the well alcove. (132 kb) Dubheasa, Robert, and Lord Governor Messire Matthew Baker on an upper level in Gorey Castle.  (160 kb)


A view of the harbor from the castle walls. (80 kb) The bell in Gorey castle. (152 kb) The "kitchen" down under the great hall in Gorey castle. (117 kb)


Governor Matthew Baker telling Dubheasa some interesting bits about the kitchen. (119 kb) A view of the castle entrance and lower wards, from the top of Gorey castle.  (162 kb) Dubheasa and Robert on the top ramparts of Mount Orgueil. (139 kb)
Dubheasa and Terafan looking off the ramparts. (129 kb)


The view (of our encampment) out the door of our tent.  (186 kb) A view of the horses in our encampment. (169 kb)
Brother Nigellus, Lady Marguerite De Carteret, and Lady Berna de la Fontaine (206 kb)

The fine selection of real ale, sponsored by CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale). (130kb)

More cool things around the castle...
A shot from the ramparts showing the Middle Ward of Gorey castle.  (146kb) A couple of musicians playing in the Middle Ward. (153kb)


A closer shot of the musicans.  Notice the antler pipe she is playing. (150kb)
The business end of a working springeald in Gorey castle. (131kb) The crank end of the springeald, showing the long screw used to draw back the firing arms. (132kb)


Two different types of bolts fired by the springeald.  (202kb)

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