Llawhaden, Wiston, St. David's (Bishops Palace and Cathedral), St. Nons, and Haverfordwest Priory

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On the second day, we started with Llawhaden Castle...
An information panel on Llawhaden (208kb) The entrance to Llawhaden (235kb)


The vorpal bunny inside Llawhaden Castle.  (226kb)
The inside of an outer wall in Llawhaden 722(kb)  Looking along the wall. (263kb)


Tarythe sitting in a window. (310kb)
The outer walls of Llawhaden (250kb) A side view of the gate tower.  (269kb)


Another angled view of the gate tower. (494kb)
Looking across the moat at the outer walls. (230kb) Looking across the inner ward. (223kb)


A different view in the inner ward. (227kb)
Next we went to a neat motte and bailey castle, Wiston.
The vorpal bunny reading an information panel, with Wiston Keep in the background. (242kb)


An information panel on the keep. (207kb) Tarythe sitting in the keep. (257kb)
A view of the keep from the top of the walls. (321kb) The view of the keep from the bottom of the motte. (197kb)


From Wiston, we drove to St Davids in Pembrokeshire.
A view of St David's Cathedral from across the lawn. (145kb) Tarythe and the vorpal bunny inside the Bishop's Palace. (199kb)


A view across the lawn of the Bishop's Palace. (207kb)
An information panel on the Bishop's Palace. (278kb) Debbie in the hall. (306kb)


A view along the top of the wall in the hall. (255kb)
Looking at the top of the wall. (193kb) Another shot of the nice arcading along the wall top. (187kb)


A neat painting showing medieval craftsmen and their tools. (237kb)
Information on the fish served during fast days (and Fridays in Lent). (201kb) Information on a feast. (173kb)


The round window in the mail hall. (163kb)
Information on the arcading along the wall. (286kb) Information on the round window. (183kb)


St Davids cathedral. (221kb)
St David's Cathedral had lots of cool medieval misericords.  They are all shown below.
A dragon (237kb) A woman's-headed bird and a bird-headed woman (243kb)


Four pigs eating a dead one. (273kb)
Two entwined snakes. (269kb) Grapes and leaves. (282kb)


A cool face. (236kb)
Two boat builders taking a break. (248kb) Two men (242kb)


Two dogs. (173kb)
A cool face. (245kb) A two-faced head. (247kb) A man and woman with food on the table. (274kb)


Four men in a boat. (234kb) A man and woman with food on the table. (226kb)


An angel with a shield. (239kb)
Oak leaves and acorns. (225kb) Leaves. (234kb)


An owl. (225kb)
An eagle and lion locked in combat. (265kb) An angel with a heraldic shield. (219kb)


Something killing something else. (185kb)
A fox wearing a hood.  (201kb) A face with leaves in its mouth. (207kb)


Oak leaves and acorns. (213kb)
A man being swallowed by a cockatrice. (228kb) A face with leaves. (213kb)


A man laying on his side (although much damaged.) (252kb)
A pig's head with a veil. (233kb) A crowned angel with a heraldic shield. (250kb)


A neat carving on the arm of the stall. (112kb)
Another (damaged) man laying on his side(240kb) Another neat face on the stall arm. (106kb)


A neat pew end carving. (214kb)
The other side of the pew end carving. (125kb) The fancy canopy over the bishop's cathedra. (286kb)



St David's Cathedral had lots of other medieval features.

The mosaics over the high altar. (203kb) A ??? chair in the chancel. (190kb)


The fancy canopies over the choir stall. (264kb)
A 14th century effigy. (147kb) Detail on the surcoat and plaque belt of the effigy. (140kb)


14th century effigy of Lord Rhys ap Gruffydd. (190kb)
Lord Rhys died in 1307. (141kb)


Detail of Lord Rhys's plaque belt. (276kb)


Very plain Glastonbury chair. (276kb) The interesting part is the flat slope of the front of the arms. (212kb)


A plain Glastonbury chair. (239kb)
An interesting Glastonbury chair, very plain but unique in construction. (147kb) The sides of the seat are in the same 'plane' as the sides of the back. (141kb)


This is very clear in this picture. (185kb)
A ??? century chest. (338kb) The front of the chest. (207kb)


The inside of the chest and lid.(251kb)
The inside of the chest, showing the hinges. (241kb) The right hinge, and some visible clinched nails. (294kb)


The inside of the front boards of the chest. (266kb)
The lid and front of the (left side of the) chest, showing some damage and repairs. (217kb)


The chest from one end. (502kb) The back of the chest, showing the right rear and hinge. (364kb)
Another shot of the right rear, without flash, which shows the existing nails (better). (215kb) The right rear leg, showing how the back boards of the chest are sitting on the legs. (295kb)


The underside of the left rear. (158kb)
The back of the chest, without flash. (200kb) The back of the chest with flash. (250kb) Reliquary with the bones of St ??? and St ??? (252kb)


A view (in a mirror) of the cathedral tower. (233kb) The outer gate to the cathedral close. (204kb) Tarythe, Debbie, and the vorpal bunny outside the cathedral. (205kb)


A broader view of the cathedral. (197kb) A close up of Tarythe, Deb, and the vorpal bunny. (189kb)



From St. David's we drove out to see St. Nons chapel.

Chapel of our Lady of St. Non (134kb) Details on the chapel. (184kb)



From St. Nons, we stopped in Haverfordwest to see the priory and castle.

Information on Haverfordwest Priory. (358kb) The remains of the north transept (from the north) . (169kb) The vorpal bunny checking out the remains of Haverfordwest Priory. (252kb)


Deb and Tarythe among the remains. (225kb) The central crossing of the church. (239kb)


Another view. (201kb)

The remains of the north transept (from the south) (235kb)


The vorpal bunny with information on Haverfordwest castle. (324kb) Haverfordwest Castle from down below. (132kb)


The inside of the remains of Haverfordwest castle. (142kb)
Another angle of the inside of Haverfordwest castle. (176kb) Another shot of the information panel. (298kb)



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