Dryslwyn, Dinefwr, Talley, Carreg Cennan, Cilgerran, & St. Dogmaels

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Two different pairs of friends visited in October 2003 and we went to Nürnberg. 
Dryslwyn Castle. (219kb) Dryslwyn Castle Information. (166kb)


Peter and Tarythe before the climb. (125kb)
View looking east from the top. (218kb) View looking west from the top. (193kb)


Deb and Tarythe take a break at the top. (232kb)
Tarythe atop one of the tower blocks. (452kb)


Tarythe and Deb in the inner ward hall. (269kb)


Information on the inner ward. (231kb)
  Deb and Tarythe looking up a set of stairs. (402kb)


From Dryslwn, we went down upriver to Dinefwr Castle.
Information panel about Dinefwr. (258kb) The view looking west from Dinefwr. (200kb)


A view of Dinefwr, from the east. (234kb)
The entrance into the Dinefwr walls. (448kb) An information panel on the inner ward of Dinefwr. (239kb)


A view of the inner ward from the walls. (283kb)
A view of the main hall from across the inner ward. (248kb) The tower. (248kb)


A view of the tower from across the inner ward. (191kb)
Peter and the vorpal bunny overlooking the inner ward. (152kb)


Another shot, but with a flash. (154kb)


The vorpal bunny, hanging out in the tower. (303kb)
The vorpal bunny overlooking an information sign. (356kb) The vorpal bunny looking at the tower from the top of the main hall. (250kb)


The tower as viewed from the top of the main hall. (226kb)
The back side of Dinefwr. (256kb) Another shot along the back. (275kb)


The view of Dinefwr from the bottom of the hill. (262kb)

From Dinefwr Castle we went to Talley Abbey.  

The vorpal bunny atop the wall at Talley Abbey. (202kb) An information panel on Talley Abbey. (405kb)


The remains of Talley Abbey.  (218kb)

After the brief visit to Talley Abbey, we went to Carreg Cennen Castle.

The view of Carreg Cennen from the bottom of the valley. (147kb) A zoomed shot of the castle. (150kb) The vorpal bunny getting ready to hike up the hill to the castle.  (150kb)


An information panel on Carreg Cennen. (304kb) A sheep atop a wall on the hike up to the castle. (100kb)


An information panel on castle defences. (204kb)
A close up of the castle wall. (177kb) The bridge past the gate tower. (219kb)


The entrance down to the tunnel under the castle. (160kb)


The inner ward of Carreg Cennen. (237kb) Another view of the inner ward. (243kb)


 The inside of the gate tower. (256kb)


A view of the outside, showing the back wall (on the right hand side). (223kb)


The view across the valley, looking from the back side. (119kb) A view showing the sheer cliff on the back side. (401kb)
  The view from the entrance of the castle, iwth Tarythe and Deb walking down. (185kb)



From Carreg Cennan, it was off the Cilgerran Castle.

The vorpal bunny, reading an information panel on Cilgerran Castle. (258kb)


Tarythe and the vorpal bunny. (419kb)


The vorpal bunny in front of the castle. (262kb)
The inner ward of Cilgerran (203kb) A different view of the inner ward. (185kb)


Peter, the vorpal bunny, and Tarythe atop the wall.  (214kb)
Another view across the inner ward. (186kb) Debbie climbing the stairs to the top of the wall. (263kb)


The vorpal bunny checking out the inner ward. (184kb)

After Cilgerran, we went to see the ruins of St. Dogmaels Abbey.

The property sign. (205kb) The vorpal bunny looking across the abbey site. (239kb)


The remains of abbey foundations. (239kb)

After St Dogmael's Abbey, we visited the meadery at New Quay, and discovered some interesting quotes about mead and honey.

Info about mead and the laws of Wales. (198kb) Information about mead and kings. (190kb)


A quote from the Koran.(170kb)
A 6th century quote.  (178kb) A quote from Chaucer. (97kb)


An 11th century quote. (136kb)

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