Pembroke Castle, Lamphey Bishop Palace, Manorbier Castle, & Carew Castle

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On the third day, we went to Pembroke...
Outside Pembroke Castle were 3 chairs with cool carvings on the back. (237kb) The second chair. (234kb)


The third chair back. (233kb)
The vorpal bunny checking out an info panel on Pembroke Castle. (235kb) Another shot.  (205kb) Tarythe and the vorpal bunny looking at the castle. (138kb)


Looking across the outer ward. (136kb) Looking back across the outer ward at the gatehouse. (149kb)


Another shot of the gatehouse. (140kb)
A better shot looking left across the outer ward. (111kb) A model of the castle as it was first built (239kb)


An info panel (372kb)
Another info panel (402kb) The castle as it was improved with the tower and stone walls being built. (244kb)


Another shot of the construction of the tower and walls. (235kb)
An info panel on the Hundred Years war. (354kb) An info panel on the 14th century. (347kb)


The Earl of Pembroke takes his meals at table. (211kb)
Another shot of the Earl's table. (170kb) Tarythe in the cave under the cliff. (300kb)


An info panel on the great hall. (181kb)
The tower and great hall building behind. (175kb) A close up of the tower. (264kb)


A view of the great hall from the tower. (269kb)
A view of the outer ward from the tower. (167kb) Another view of the outer ward. (177kb)


A view of the outer walls and river, from the tower. (232kb)
Looking out across the outer walls. (229kb) A view of the tower and great hall, from the gatehouse. (133kb)


In info panel of the first Earl of Pembroke, Gilbert Strongbow.  (495kb)
An info panel on William Marshal. (425kb) Information on William Marshal's son. (601kb)


Pembroke Castle from the outside. (181kb)
Another shot of the Pembroke Castle entrance. (193kb) A closer shot of the gate to Pembroke Castle. (224kb)


Pembroke Castle from down the road. (153kb)
After Pembroke Castle, we went to visit Lamphey Bishop's Palace.
The sign outside the palace. (112kb) A view across the grass at the palace. (170kb) The neat tracery of the chapel at the palace. (174kb)


The arcading above the palace. (230kb) Some very nice moulding remaining above an empty window. (217kb)


The back side of the palace. (201kb)
The main hall of the palace from the tower. (285kb) Carved stonework. (282kb)


From Lamphey, we drove down to the coast to visit Manorbier Castle.
Manorbier Castle from across the field. (184kb) The vorpal bunny looking at Manorbier Castle. (256kb)


The inside of a tower. (259kb)
A view across the inner courtyard. (182kb) A view from the tower. (294kb)


Another view across the lawn. (172kb)
The sign outside Manorbier. (114kb)


From Manorbier we went to Carew Castle.
The vorpal bunny checking out an information panel on Carew Castle. (293kb) The vorpal bunny looking at the Carew Cross. (199kb)


Information on the Carew Crosee. (166kb)
Carew from across the field. (188kb) The vorpal bunny checking out Carew Castle. (189kb)


Information on Carew Castle. (276kb)
More information on Carew Castle. (391kb) A grinding stone. (205kb)


The inside of the gate tower. (243kb)
Some really cool carving in the stone fireplace of the 2nd story over the great hall. (169kb) Three coasts of arms carved into the stonework over the formal entrance. (264kb)


Information on the coats of arms. (257kb)
The first coat of arms, full color. (163kb) The second full color coat of arms. (188kb)


The third coat of arms. (172kb)
Looking out the back of Carew at the dam and mill. (125kb) Carew Castle from the front. (197kb)



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