16 July: In the afternoon, we left Milan and went to Verona to see the coliseum and a fortress.  The fortress had a really cool museum section with all the neat stuff below.

A detail of the sleeve buttons. (154kb) Detail of the collar. (220kb) Closeup of the front of the dress. (113kb)
The entire statue. (110kb) The back of the statue. (137kb) Pieces of a belt. (113kb)
Remaining pieces from a different belt. (109kb) A neat painting. (268kb) A chest. (32kb)
Detail of the chest handle. (39kb) Detail of the lock mechanisms. (47kb) Belt pieces. (30kb)
Specific info on the belt pieces. (17kb) More belt pieces. (19kb) More belt. (19kb)
Final belt pieces. (25kb) More specifics on the belt pieces. (19kb) Standing on the ramparts of the bridge that goes from the castle over the river. (57kb)
Tarythe overlooking the river and looking back at the castle. (34 kb) The interior of the castle and museum grounds. (32kb) The church of ??? (48kb)
Another shot with me included. (40kb) A close up of the cool carvings on the outside of the church. (66kb)

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