San Gimignano and Siena

13 July: A morning tour of the awesome medieval city of San Gimignano and then the Renaissance city of Siena.  The museum in Siena was really cool, but they wouldn't let us take any photos, so we had to settle for postcards. 

An outside view of the walls of San Gimignano (192kb) A view across the rooftops from one of the wall towers. (62kb) This really cool dragon-headed iron thing (perhaps a place to tie your horse)... (67kb)
A couple of vases in the museum. (39kb) Sitting outside a well on the outskirts of town (66kb) A dragon design torch bracket mounted on a wall on the main street (26kb)
A shot of the other side of the torch bracket (25 kb) Debbie sitting at the top of the Duomo in Siena.

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