16 July: In the morning, we went to Milan and saw perhaps the best museum of the trip, the Castello Sforsesco. We then went to Sta. Maria Delle Grazie and viewed Leonardo's "Last Supper." We did some walking and spent an hour or so in the area of the Duomo and then we went to Verona to see the colisseum and a fortress. 

A carved column showing grapes (46kb) 14th century painting (47kb) Info on the painting (30kb)
A ceiling emblem showing arms. (43kb) Some cool vases (46kb) A carved ivory box, with removable sliding lid. (50kb)
Another shot showing some details of the lid, the groove and mitered corner. (50kb) Specifics on the box. (36kb) An end shot of the box. (46kb)
A chest with some information. (42kb) An inlaid game box with information. (42kb) Another shot of the ivory box. (48kb)
A folding chair. (54kb) A folding X-chair. (38kb) A cassone. (54kb)
An attempted closeup of the cassone. (53kb) A 14th century image of a table and utensils. (45kb) A different cassone. #2 (56kb)
Detailed information on cassone #2.  Information on cassone #3 (18kb) Cassone #3. (150kb)
Info on cassone #4. (20kb) Cassone #4. (221kb) Detail showing the dovetail joinery on cassone #4. 158kb)
Info on cassone #5. (16kb) Cassone #5. (166kb) Small chest. (117kb)
Da Vinci's "Last Supper". (159kb)

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