Ludlow Castle and Ludlow Cathedral

Easter 2005

During Easter weekend 2005, we spent 2 days touring around Shrewsbury (Staffordshire) and then 2 days touring around Glamorgan (Wales).

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

A view across the huge open courtyard of Ludlow Castle. (151kb) The heraldry over the entrance gate of the inner keep of Ludlow castle. (303kb)


The round church and main hall of Ludlow castle. (199kb)
Inside the main hall of Ludlow castle. (239kb) A view of the round chapel from the tower on Ludlow castle. (189kb)


A view of the main hall from the tower. (178kb)
A view over the wall of Ludlow castle. (178kb) The view of the Severn River from the tower of Ludlow castle. (188kb) The view of the huge courtyard inside Ludlow castle, but outside the inner keep. (184kb)


Another view of the round chapel of Ludlow castle. (175kb)    


From the castle, we went to Ludlow Cathedral to see the misericords.

A broken misericord showing a man pattens and bellows hanging on the wall. (214kb)


Foliated leaves. (207kb) A man strapped to a pillow pulling his socks up. (189kb)
A woman wearing a veil, with two women supporters. (168kb)


An owl with two hawk supporters. (196kb) A pelican. (205kb)
A man in front of his fire, with a kettle and meat as supporters. (175kb) A broken misericord showing men in their underwear. (170kb)


An (not in focus) gryphon, with two gryphon head supporters. (121kb)
A man filling his pitcher from a barrel. (157kb) A broken misericord showing two people with a barrel. (161kb)


A sitting man with a scroll, and two face supporters. (199kb)
Roses with two rose supporters. (171kb) A bird. (163kb) A broken angel playing a shawm or a coronet. (177kb)


A bearded king. (168kb) A stag between two dog supporters. (121kb) A broken misericord of an animal bishop. (177kb)


Three quills with quills as supporters. (195kb) A bishops head with two mitre supporters. (184kb)


A chained dog between two green men. (161kb)
A broken misericord of possible a domestic argument. (123kb)


A mermaid with two fish supporters. (212kb) Wild men carrying of a lady. (158kb)
A bat woman between two bat supporters. (169kb) A grumpy lady with a horned caul, between two jesters. (143kb)


A poppy head bench end showing the Virgin Mary holding a broken Jesus. (405kb)
A rose, with one supporter of a twisted ring.  The other supporter is missing. (163kb)


The painted roof of the cathedral showing the bosses. (321kb) A Glastonbury chair carved with a quatrefoil and a stylised rose. (98kb)
The side of the Glastonbury chair. (103kb) A view down the length of the cathedral. (106kb)  


From the cathedral, we went to see the cool things in the Ludlow museum.

The half-timbered buildings in the main square of Ludlow. (192kb)


A 13th century tile showing a hare. (103kb) Two pilgrim badges, 14th and 15th century. (116kb)
An earthenware pitcher from the 13th century. (176kb) Some neat enacustic tiles from the 13th century. (328kb)  

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