St Mary's, Goodrich Castle, White Castle, Longtown Castle, Skenfrith Castle, & Grosmont Castle

Easter 2005

Easter morning, we got up and went to church in Shrewsbury Abbey, and then headed off to Wales.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

Firt stop was St Mary's Church in Herefordshire. (83kb) An information panel on St Mary's. (88kb) One of the most outstanding 14th century wall paintings in Britain.  The wheel of life, and the murder of Thomas a  Becket. (450kb)


More of the 14th century wall painting. (444kb) A long exposure shot of the church nave. (221kb) 12th century fresco in the nave showing Christ in majesty from the Book of Revelations. (242kb)
More of the 12th century fresco in the nave. (173kb) And again. (214kb) Even the window in the chancel was included in the fresco. (421kb)
The window on the other side of the chancel. (179kb) A chest.  (207kb) Detailed information on the paintings. (90kb)


From St Mary's we went towards Wales, stopping to see Goodrich Castle, right near the Welsh border. 

The vorpal bunny checks out the details of Goodrich Castle. (100kb)


Goodrich Castle from across the moat. (157kb) One corner of Goodrich Castle, showing the thickness of the foundations and the rock it was built upon. (263kb)
Goodrich castle from the corner across the moat. (159kb)


An information panel showing the layout of Goodrich Castle. (100kb) Debbie at the entrance. (370kb)
The tower inside Goodrich. (210kb) The vorpal bunny peering over the edgle of the tower. Can you see him?  (241kb)  


We then drove into Wales to see castles.  We started with Longtown Castle.

The vorpal bunny thinks castles in Wales are cool!  (98kb) An info panel showing the layout of Longtown castle. (77kb) The wall, gate, and tower of Longtown Castle. (197kb)


An info panel on the tower of Longtown. (84kb) Debbie and the vorpal bunny in the tower. (392kb)  


After Longtown, it was off to see White Castle.

The vorpal bunny reads in the entrance sign to White Castle. (107kb) Peter and the vorpal bunny checking out White Castle. (111kb)


The entrance to White Castle. (247kb)
The courtyard of White Castle. (209kb) Another shot of the courtyard. (215kb) Looking along the wall of White Castle, showing the water obstacle/moat. (132kb)


Another view. (123kb)




From White Castle, we stopped to snap a few pictures at Skenfrith Castle.

The vorpal bunny reads the info panel on Skenfrith Castle. (87kb)


The vorpal bunny checking out the central tower of Skenfrith. (99kb) A distant view of the remains of Skenfrith. (163kb)


And then Grosmont Castle.

The vorpal bunny reads the info panel on Grosmont Castle. (77kb)


Grosmont Castle on the far side of the moat. (84kb) Another view of Grosmont. (155kb)
Crossing the bridge to Grosmont. (405kb) A view of the buildings in the courtyard. (221kb)


The really cool chimney on top of the fireplace in the main hall. (400kb)
  One of the towers in Grosmont. (337kb)



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