Acton Burnell, Clun Castle, Stokesay Castle, & Wigmore Castle

Easter 2005

On the second morning, we wanted to see some of the castles along the Welsh border, so we toured down the Severn River.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The entrance to Acton Burnell Castle. (42kb) Another view of the sign with more information. (92kb) A detailed information panel about the castle. (192kb)


The walls of Acton Burnell. (199kb) A view of the morning light streaming in to Acton Burnell. (357kb)


Morning sunlight on Acton Burnell. (221kb)
A view of Acton Burnell across the field. (198kb) Another information panel on Acton Burnell. (218kb)




After our early morning visit to Acton Burnell, we headed to the Welsh border to see Clun.

An information panel on Clun Castle. (94kb) More information about Clun. (107kb) Debbie and the vorpal bunny in the remains of Clun Castle. (139kb)


A view into Wales through a window of Clun Castle. (368kb)


The remains of Clun Castle. (176kb) Looking out of Clun into Wales. (170kb)
A view showing the steep rise round Clun and the depth of the walls. (279kb)


Clun Castle from the bottom of the hill. (147kb) More information on Clun Castle. (100kb)


After leaving Clun, we headed to Stokesay Castle with its 17th century gatehouse and standing next to a parish church. .

The vorpal bunny checks out the Stokesay Castle sign.  Stokesay was originally built as a fortified manor house by Laurence of Ludlow soon after 1281. (103kb)


Built in 1650, this 17th century gatehouse is an elaborate example of the regional style of timber framing. (235kb) The magnificent great hall, with its gabled windows, and crenellated tower, are almost untouched since medieval times. (219kb)
The cruck-built roof beams in the great hall. (185kb) The vorpal bunny at the top of the original staircase overlooking the great hall. (185kb)


An octagonal room in the crenellated tower. (192kb)
The impressive solar chamber at one end of the great hall. (275kb) A view of the back side of the great hall. (159kb) (kb)


After leaving Stokesay Castle, we went to see Wigmore Castle (or the remains of it).

An information panel on Wigmore Castle. (74kb) Steps up (120kb) (267kb)
(212kb) 75(kb) (107kb)
(112kb) (108kb)  

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