Buildwas Abbey and Haughmond Abbey

Easter 2005

During Easter weekend 2005, we spent 2 days touring around Shrewsbury (Staffordshire) and then 2 days touring around Glamorgan (Wales).

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The entrance sign to Buildwas. (71kb) The arcades of the Abbey church nave. (118kb)


The crossing of the abbey church. (109kb)
Debbie and the Vorpal Bunny sitting in a sedalia in the chancel. (201kb)


Some neat dogteeth carved stone in the arches over the sedalia. (194kb) Another shot of the crossing. (194kb)
Another view of the nave arcades. (212kb) Looking, from the bottom of the nave, towards the chancel. (224kb)


Medieval tiles in the cloisters. (223kb)
A view of the abbey church from the southwest. (188kb) A view of the cloisters from the west. (220kb) More medieval tiles in the cloisters. (315kb)


One of the buildings in the cloisters had a collection of medieval floor tiles.  These are some of the really neat ones. (219kb)


A close up of some of the cool medieval tiles. The multi-patterned flowers are interesting. (379kb) A different section of medieval tiles. The neat tiles here are the letters. (279kb)
The last interesting section of medieval tiles.  The cool ones are the 3-D relief tiles.  (228kb)




After Buildwas Abbey, we drove north to Shrewsbury, stopping at Haughmond on our way around Shrewsbury.


The vorpal bunny showing he is interested in the medieval bits of Haughmond Abbey. (119kb)


(176kb) (199kb)
(191kb) (192kb) (168kb)
(205kb) (228kb) (232kb)

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