Claverly Church & Wenlock Priory

Easter 2005

We started the weekend with a stop at Claverly Church and Wenlock Priory on our way to Shrewsbury.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The sign oustide Claverly church. (95kb) A view of the church tower, next to the pub in Claverly. (175kb) The 13th century mural recalling the Bayeux Tapestry, showing pairs of knights in armour, fighting either on foot or on horseback. The mural is an allegory of the seven Christian Virtues fighting the seven Vices. (150kb)


(170kb) The alabaster tomb of Sir Robert Broke (d. 1558) with his two wives. (193kb) The first One of Sir Robert's wives, showing her 16th century headdress, collar, and many chain necklaces. (170kb)


Another shot, straight on, showing more details of the necklaces and dress closure. (285kb)


Sir Robert's second wife, showing her markedly different headdress and collar. (210kb) A straight on shot of the second wife, showing her different dress with closures. (222kb)
The roof of the chancel showing interesting bosses. (147kb) The organ, although the interesting part is the mural on the blocked up arch behind the organ. (213kb)


A sheet of information on Claverly Church. (213kb)
Another shot of the 13th century mural. (134kb)


More detail of the mural. (186kb) Pre-Norman capitals (190kb)
Another view of the pre-Norman capital. (151kb) The half-timbered pub outside the church. (215kb)




After leaving Claverly, we stopped at Wenlock Priory.

The sign for Wenlock Priory. (76kb) (172kb) (220kb)
(229kb) (221kb) (226kb)
(256kb) (324kb) (235kb)

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