Tour of Yorkshire 2004

Kirkham Priory and Spofforth Castle

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These intriguing ruins of an Augustinian priory include an elaborate gatehouse, set in the peaceful Derwent valley.

It was too late when we arrived and the priory was closed. 


The fancy gatehouse of Kirkham Priory. (91kb)


A wider shot of the gatehouse, with Peter for perspective. (102kb) A view of the inside of the priory grounds.  (87kb)
The priory sign.  (131kb) Another shot of the inside grounds. (122kb) Some geese swimming in the Derwent alongside the priory. (112kb)


Another shot of the geese. (108kb) The neat bridge crossing the Derwent. (121kb)


A view of the priory from the bridge. (82kb)

Spofforth Castle is allegedly the place where Henry (Harry) "Hotspur" Percy was born.  It was once owned by the Percy family, and has some fascinating features, including an undercroft built into the rock. 


A cool cat that came out to greet us and then decided to accompany us on our tour. (194kb)


The information about Spofforth Castle.  (268kb) A view of the castle front. (204kb)
Walking around the right side, the moon could be seen through this window (but it doesn't show up in the picture.) (174kb) A shot of the castle tower on the right side. (180kb) The back of the castle.. (212kb)


Debbie in the undercroft.  It was getting dark and the light was fading. (168kb)


A different view of the undercroft. (168kb) A final shot of the front, with the sunset fading behind. (151kb)

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