Tour of Yorkshire 2004

Ripon Cathedral and Middleham Castle

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Ripon Minster was built in the 1100s, on top of the remains of a church built by St. Wilfrid in 664.  


A view of the cathedral standing in the center of the nave. (262kb) A little better (clearer) shot. (264kb)


And one more. (216kb)
The lighting conditions had changed, so I took another shot of the nave, looking at the medieval screen.  (192kb)


The pulpitum (stone screen) was built in the 1450s, but the statues are modern.  This is right left of the screen. (250kb)


The left half of the screen.. (214kb)
A shot of the ceiling of the transept, showing the high windows that allow sunlight to come streaming in. (213kb)


A medieval seal. (250kb) The seal (taken with a flash).  (247kb)
The cathedral charter from 1604. (193kb) The high altar with the stained glass window behind. (454kb)


Another shot of the altar and window. (388kb) 
A close up of the window behind the high altar. The tracery is really neat.  (287kb) The carved choir stalls were installed between 1484 and 1494.  Here is a misericord of a pelican in her piety.  (218kb)


Another shot of the pelican. (281kb) 
A misericord of two men with a three wheeled wheelbarrow.. (237kb) A misericord of a pig playing bagpipes while two other pigs dance. (246kb)


A misericord of a griffon chasing a rabbit, while another one hides down his hole. (251kb)  
The high altar. (253kb) The Ripon jewel. (145kb)


Info on the Ripon jewel. (221kb) 
Info on the Anglo Saxon strap end. (219kb) The Anglo Saxon strap end. (135kb)


The plaque belt on the funeral effigy of Sir Thomas Markenfield (d. 1497).  (211kb)
Another shot of the belt, especially the buckle portion.  (253kb) Another shot, slightly better angle. (174kb)


Yet again.  (131kb)  
Info on Sir Thomas. (207kb)  



The existing Middleham Castle was built in the 12th century.  During the 15th century, it was lived in by Richard III when he was a young man in the care of Richard Nevill, the "Kingmaker". 


A view of the front wall of the catsle. (197kb) The info sign of Middlehame Castle. (163kb) Debbie on the bridge in front of the gatehouse. (286kb)


Just inside the gatehouse, looking at the entrance to the keep. (283kb)


The back side of a replica of the Middleham jewel.. (53kb) Info on the Middleham Jewel.  (110kb)
The front of the replica Middleham jewel. (178kb)


A flash shot of the replica. (65kb) More info on the replica. (102kb)
Inside the keep. (263kb) The view looking from the keep towards the castle gatehouse. (304kb)


The view from the keep at the out buildings around the inside of the castle walls.. (264kb)
Inside the keep. (349kb) Debbie walking around the outside of the keep. (211kb)

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