Tour of Yorkshire 2004

Pickering Castle, Whitby Abbey and Scarborough Castle

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The stonework on the mound and around the inner courtyard of Pickering Castle was built for Henry III as a necessary defense against the Scots.  The outer entrance, the curtain wall, and its three towers were built on the orders of Edward II in 1323-26.


Debbie at the gatehouse. (325kb) Just inside the gatehouse, looking at the ruins of Coleman tower, and the mound. (174kb)


The castle chapel.  (234kb)
Info about the example charter granted by Edward I to Roger Pilkington. (131b) A close up of the charter. (252kb)


The postern gate, east turret, and Rosamund's tower.  (287kb)
The Diate Hill tower. (158kb) The view of the gatehouse and inner courtyard from the top of the mound. (183kb)


Set dramatically on a headland projecting into the North Sea, the magnificent ruins of Whitby Abbey are a monument to on of the most remarkable  and venerable religious foundations of medieval England.  

Whitby as rebuilt in the 1070s, on a site of a previously destroyed monastery, by Reinfrid, a knight who had fought for William the Conqueror.  The community followed the Benedictine rule and developed into one the great medieval abbeys of Yorkshire.

A view of the ruins from the south. (123kb) The great arched windows at the head of the choir. (244kb)


Looking down the north column of the nave, towards the church entrance. (219kb)
A view of the north transept. (204kb) Looking out at the north sea from the headland. (127kb)


Looking north across the bay.  (153kb)
Interesting part of the north wall.  The different kinds of windows indicate that this wall was built in two stages.   (155kb)


Another shot of the neat window tracery. (154kb) A view of the crossing and into the choir. (178kb)
A buckle (for which I didn't get the info) but is from the Saxon period.  (149kb) A flash shot of the buckle. (151kb)


A flash shot of a really neat strap end. (84kb)
Info on the strap end. (27kb) The strap end without flash. (116kb)


Scarborough Castle stands on a massive promontory of rock that rises sheer-sided high above the North Sea.  The great keep was built by Henry II, 1159-69, and it stood until the west wall collapsed after bombardment during the English Civil War siege of 1645.


The great keep tower. (1891kb) Another view, looking into the keep. (317kb) A side view of the keep, showing how much was destroyed. (186kb)


Looking south over the harbor, from a viewing tower on the curtain wall. (176kb) Looking south east along the curtain wall.   (173kb)


Looking north along the curtain wall  (151kb)
A cool cat leaving the castle gate. (194kb) The castle gate. (268kb) Some neat gothic tracery in a 14th century church just below the castle gate. (280kb)


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