Tour of Yorkshire 2004

Helmsley Castle

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Set on a rocky outcrop overlooking the River Rye, the ruins of Helmsley Castle are impressive.  The shattered remains of the east tower still dominate the town's skyline.  Walter Espec had established the castle by the 1120s, providing a residence at the center of his Yorkshire estates. Espec's castle was planned with two baileys, and enclosed by huge earthworks, which can still be seen today.  Throughout the Middle Ages, the castle continued to evolve, with new buildings and more elaborate defenses.  This cycle of modernization continued into the 16th century, when the medieval buildings were converted in a fine Tudor mansion, the remains of which can still be seen today.


A model of Helmsely castle.  (256 kb) Archers practicing in the moat that surrounds the castle. (411 kb)


Another shot of the archers. (426 kb)
15th century tents from a re-enactment group. (171 kb)


A shot inside one of the tents. (272 kb) Another tent  (242 kb)
Detail of the stake loops and (very) short wall at the bottom.. (332kb)


A detail of the finial. (140 kb) Three legged pots used for cooking. (279 kb)
Other assorted cookware. (279 kb) A view of the remains of the east tower. (270 kb) A slightly different angle of the east tower. (231 kb)


The west tower and Tudor mansion. (164 kb)


Looking straight at the east tower. (247 kb) Some spurs on display. (199 kb)
More spurs and a buckle.  (202 kb)

Info on the buckle. (167 kb)


Info on the spurs. (150kb)
A closeup of the buckle, with the info. (115kb)


A neat picture of a lady hunting rabbits using a bow and arrow.  Notice the blunt on the arrow. (207kb)


A penny from the reign on Edward III.  (122kb)
Info on the penny. (220kb) A chest in the Tudor living area. (173kb)


The top of the chest, showing the joinery and the hinge attachment. (272kb)


A close up of the hinge attachment. (221kb) The back of the chest.  Notice the hinges are on the inside. (215kb)


The side of the chest. (213kb)
Looking from the south gate towards the west tower and Tudor mansion. (166kb) From the outer bailey, looking across the bridge at the south gate. (172kb)


Debbie in the south gate.  (228kb)

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