Tour of Yorkshire 2004

Rievaulx Abbey

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A view of Rievaulx Abbey from across the meadow.  (192 kb) A closer view. (244 kb)


One last shot. (248 kb)
Two replica gold quarter nobles and a gold noble. (143 kb) Info on the gold nobles.  (108 kb) 14th century snaffle bit.  (131 kb)


Info on book mounts and decorative clasps. (175kb) A close up of the book mounts and decorative clasps. (125 kb) Heraldic mount from a personal travelling box. (239 kb)


Info on the mount. (138 kb) Belt buckles and strap ends.  (182 kb) Bone toggle and buttons. (142 kb)
Info on the buckles, strap ends, toggle, and buttons. (200kb)


A heraldic pendant from a horse harness (147 kb) Another shot of the pendant, taken with a flash. (118 kb)
Info on the pendant.( 72kb)

Bits of stained glass. (128kb)


A close up of the leftmost piece. (82kb)
A closeup of the right most piece of stained glass (111kb)


The led came used for stained glass. (112kb)


A cool three-headed stone corbel. (152kb)
The end of the abbey. (289kb) The side of the abbey, showing a flying buttress. (265kb) A view looking down the nave of the abbey church.  (187kb)
Looking from the east transept along the wall of the presbytery. (158kb) The monks refectory, built towards the end of the 12th century. (229kb)


The foundations of the Chapter House. (281kb)
A view of the remains, looking from the southwest. (218kb)    

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