A week in Wales 2004

Rug Chapel and Llangar Church

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Before going to Rug Chapel, we tried to see Cymer Abbey, but it was closed.  

Rug Chapel was built in 1637 by Colonel William Salusbury.  


A picture of the closed Cymer Abbey, built in the 13th century by Cistercian monks. (310kb) The west front of Rug Chapel. (239kb)


A view of the original 1637 decoration of the ceiling and roof trusses.  (241kb)
A view of the decorated sections at the tops of the walls. (232kb) A carving in the base of the pew on the southern wall, showing a pelican with two chicks. (188kb) A shot of the front three pews on the southern side, showing the carvings on the base of each pew, all together on a single long plank. (171kb)


A really cool pelican tile in the floor near the altar. (237kb)

A view of the roof over the altar. (284kb)


A shot of the northern canopied pew, set on the north side of the altar.  (248kb)

Not too far from Rug Chapel is the Llangar Church.  It is believed (from excavation evidence) to have been built in the 14th century.  It contains medieval wall paintings from the 14th century, and a canopy of honour over the altar, part of which is original from the 14th century.

The inside of the door, believed to be from 1620. (281kb) The outside view of the door. (180kb)


A shot of the four original roof trusses  (183kb)
The wall painting on the north wall. (154kb) The painting on the south wall. Believed to be a bishop in the doorway of an elaborate church. (152kb)


Another view of the roof trusses.  (153kb)
A close up shot of a 14th century wall painting, although you can't make much out. (184kb)


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