A week in Wales 2004

Denbigh Castle, Ruthin, and the drive home.

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Denbigh Castle crowns the summit of a steep rock outcrop at the heart of the Vale of Clwyd.  Denbigh Castle as we see it today was constructed for Edward I, starting after 1282.

The gatehouse of Denbigh castle. (182kb) An info panel on the gatehouse. (111kb)


An info panel on the inner ward of the castle. (111kb)
A view across the inner ward from the western side. (155kb) An iron rowel spur from the 15th century. (178kb)


Info on the spur and the tiles. (145kb)
Some tile fragments. (170kb) A complete medieval glazed floor tile from the bishops tower. (207kb)


Another shot of the floor tile.  (217kb)
Keys from the post medieval period. (174kb) A coin found at Denbigh. (153kb)


Info on various exhibit items.  (235kb)
A view of the inner ward from the southern end. (155kb) A view of the northeastern wall, from the tower. (207kb)  A view from the tower. (190kb)
A view of the inner ward from the tower.  (156kb) The Cadw staff member from the castle gave us a tour of the town walls.  He and Debbie are going up the steps near the Goblin Tower and well.  (323kb)


Another shot of Debbie and the guide.  (318kb)

From Denbigh, we drove to the town of Ruthin.  Ruthin castle is now a hotel, but we saw some interesting things in Ruthin.

The town hall, rebuilt in 1400, after it was burned by Owain Glyndwr, is now a bank. (208kb)


An info plaque on the town hall. (106kb)  I think all Barclays banks (and our homes) should look like this.  (83kb)
A shot of the various interesting architecture in Ruthin. (310kb)  An interesting house we saw.  (193kb) Another shot of the house, showing how far the second floor room sticks out.  Notice the door you can see beyond the porch. (231kb)


The neat door to the right of the porch.  (296kb) Peter walking along the walls guarding Ruthin castle/hotel.  (338kb)



On the drive home from Ruthin, we stopped in a really nice pub in Wales.  

This is a really neat poster of all the independent family breweries in Britain.  (609kb)

This picture is still not full size, so send me a not if you want the original (1MB)

A closeup of part of the poster.  (113kb) A shot of the medieval bridge we drove over to get to the pub. (215kb)

Continuing our drive home we stopped just south of Bath, at a pub Deb had seen earlier, and we discovered that it is a 14thcntury building.

The left side of the George Inn.  (226kb) The right side of the George Inn.  (226kb)


Debbie waiting for Peter to finish his beer. (66kb)
Peter finishing his beer. (62kb)



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