A week in Wales 2004

Aberystwyth Castle

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We drove down to Aberystwych to see the castle.  Afterwards we also listened to a really neat presentation (in Welsh with on-the-fly translation) about the Welsh National Library.

Aberystwyth Castle was built about 1280 by Edward I.

The reamins of the gate tower as seen from the land side. (143kb) The view looking along the right side of the castle, showing the sea. (168kb) A bit of information, sometimes hard to read, on the castle.(90kb)


The postern tower, over the gate to the sea, from outside near the sea. (77kb) Looking straight out the postern (seaward) gate tower (from inside). (95kb)


Looking out one of the tower windows at the University of Aberystwyth  (79kb)
A view of the Aberystwyth Iron Age Hillfort (Pen Dinas) marked by the tall column on the left hill in the distance.  Iron Age settlers used the hilltop called Pen Dinas to build a huge hillfort (one of the largest in Wales). (183kb)


A nice shot of the bay, taken from the Welsh National Library. (57kb) Another shot of the bay.  (137kb)
The bay beyond Aberystwyth. (44kb) One more, showing the sun preparing to vanish behind the clouds. (49kb)


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