A week in Wales 2004

Valle Crucis Abbey and Dolwyddelan Castle

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Valle Crucis Abbey was founded as a Cistercian abbey in 1201 by Madog ap Gruffudd Maelor.


The first of three information boards on Valle Crucis.  (114kb) The second of three information boards on Valle Crucis.  (116kb) The third of three information boards on Valle Crucis.  (118kb)


The remains of the west (entrance) end of the abbey church, seen from the outside. (226kb) The east end of the abbey church, taken from the nave. (207kb) A really neat stone corbel at the bottom of the southeastern pier of the main crossing in the church.  (265kb) 


The central window at the east end of the abbey church, showing some really nice decorated stone corbels, carved in the early 13th century. (270kb)


The east range, built in the 14th century, with the upper floor as the monks dormitory. (219kb)


The elaborately decorated stone screen which fronts the "book cupboard", where part of the abbey library was housed. (253kb) 
Some stone tracery in the center of the chapter house (bottom floor of the east range).  (184kb) The grave slab of "Madog son of Gruffudd called Fychan", showing the shield with a lion rampant surrounded by an inscription, with a sword diagonally behind the shield.  (150kb)


From Valle Crucis, we drove up to Dolwyddelan Castle, a square stone keep, dating from the thirteenth century.  The remains of this castle were built by Llywelyn ab Iorwerth ('the Great'). The site was remodelled by King Edward I.


An information board on Dolwyddelan. (106kb) Another info board, with a nice short piece on the castle. (112kb)


A view of the castle remains.  (168kb)
A closer shot of the tower, showing the stairs we are about to go up. (251kb) A nice info panel on the inside of the tower. (99kb)


Debbie sitting in one of the windows of the tower's main room.  (166kb)
Debbie near the fireplace of the tower's main room. (167kb) We then climbed to the roof.  Here is Debbie up on the ramparts of the tower. (176kb)


A shot of the view from the top of the tower.  (177kb)
The tower from below. (137kb) The tower from down below, near the parking lot. (286kb)


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