A week in Wales 2004

Our resort in Machynlleth

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A few pictures of the resort we stayed in...


The bedroom. (60kb) The fancy bathroom, mostly seen in the mirror. (48kb)


The kitchenette off the living room.(69kb)
The living room, with a neat game table as a coffee table. (84kb) A picture out our living room window.. (114kb)


Another shot of the living room, from the kitchen.(75kb)
The entrance foyer of the building. (95kb) The entrance foyer from the door. (84kb)



The first day, we drove towards Aberystwyth, and found this really nice waterfall in the Dyfi (Dovey) valley.


Peter, in front of the falls. (296kb) A clearer shot of the falls, taken from near the top. (303kb)


A picture of the falls from down below. (373kb)
A better shot of the lower falls. (338kb) A shot showing the really inviting looking pool at the bottom of the falls.  (349kb)


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