Pendennis Castle Joust

In August 2005, we toured Pendennis Castle while Peter was working a joust at the castle.  All the knights and squires did the same activities and competed similarly, but we didn't take pictures of them all. 

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The knights enter the arena, starting with Syr Richard Mortimer. (71kb) Syr George Melton. (99kb) Syr Geoffrey Turberville with his squire Wolfgang von der Weyden and valet John Sawyer. (161kb)
Syr James Swinbourne with his valet Steve Sykes and squire Andrew Gilkes. (147kb)


Other squires, valets, and a herald watch from the side. (155kb)
The first to challenge all others is Syr Geoffrey Turberville. (182kb)


Followed by Syr George Melton. (199kb) and Sir James Swinbourne. (208kb)
The squires lined up to shoot archery, with Henry Sherry shooting first. (128kb) Wolfgang has released his arrow, but the arrow has not yet cleared the bow in this cool shot. (126kb)


Squire Nicholas Musson takes aim while Andrew Gilkes gets ready.  (93kb)
Lady Emma from Raphael Falconry demonstrates medieval hawking. (58kb)


Here a hawk has just launched from the top of the East team's banner. (132kb) An owl lifts off from the field, beating the air with powerful strokes of its wings. (69kb)
Lady Emma shows the crowd a splendid (170kb) A peregrine falcon, at speeds of over 200 mph strikes the lure of the master falconer.  (77kb)


After the falconry demonstration, the joust moved on to a competition of mounted skill at arms between the knights. 


The javelin, in mid-air, thrown by Syr Geoffrey Turberville. (90kb) Syr Geoffrey uses the mace on the cabbage head... (70kb)


... and heads for the quintain. (126kb)
The javelin, again in mid-air, thrown by Syr George Melton. (68kb)


Syr George ready to smash the cabbage head with his mace... (48kb) ... and racing toward the quintain. (129kb)
A video of Syr George Melton knocking over the quintain in his second strike. 
Cabbage leaves go flying after the strike by Syr Richard Mortimer. (89kb)


(604kb) so, he gets a third run... (95kb)

After skill at arms (and lunch) the squires put on their armour for the foot combat and knights put on their armour for the joust.  


Nicholas Musson and Wolfgang von der Weyden go at it. (142kb)


Andrew Gilkes takes on Nicholas Musson. (95kb) Nicholas and Andrew continue ... (130kb)
Andrew and Wolfgang fight a bout with pole axes. (117kb)


Syr George Melton enters the arena. (96kb)
Syr Richard Mortimer. (61kb) Syr Geoffrey Turberville. (106kb)


Sir James Swinbourne. (65kb)
Bits of lance go flying as Syr Richard breaks his lance on Syr George.  (You can see from his lance that Syr George missed.) (137kb) Syr George and Syr Geoffrey race towards each other. (85kb) Syr Richard and Syr Geoffrey. (48kb)
At the end of the day, the team from the East, in green, was victorious.  (83kb)

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