Pendennis Castle

In August 2005, we toured Pendennis Castle while Peter was working a joust at the castle.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The view from the castle over the Falmouth Bay. (175kb) The coat of arms over the castle entrance. (200kb)


Peter in the doorway of the inner keep. (287kb)
One of the main rooms in the inner keep. (142kb) A display of the 16th century cannon that Henry VIII installed at Pendennis.  (194kb)


A view from the inner keep, to our tents below and Swanpool Bay beyond. (179kb)


The kids in the encampment were having a good time!  (229kb) Another shot of the kids at their games. (49kb)
Pendennis Castle was lit up every night.  This is the view from the south. (134kb)


A view from the northwest. (147kb)  A view from the north-northwest. (148kb)
The vorpal bunny had a good time as he walked around the north side of the castle.  (211kb) Here the vorpal bunny hangs out and watches the activities on the northwest side of the castle. (177kb) The vorpal bunny also liked the view out over the Swanpool Bay! (166kb)

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