St. Michael's Mount

In August 2005, we visited St. Michael's Mount, a magical rocky island crowned by medieval castle and church.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The small isle of St. Michael's Mount, accessible by foot when the tide is out, has been home to a priory, castle and stately home.

Bernard of Le Bec, Abbot of Mont St. Michel in Normandy, built the Benedictine Priory of St. Michael's Mount in 1135. There is a similarity between the two islands, although St. Michael's Mount could never match the scale and grandeur of Mont St. Michel, and was only ever a dependency of the Norman Abbey. When King Henry V declared war on France in the early 15th century, he seized St. Michael's Mount for the crown as an alien priory, and by 1424 all links between the two priories had been broken.

Home of the St Aubyn family for 300 years, and separated from the town of Marazion and the mainland by a 500 yard long granite causeway, it is only reachable by boat when the tide is in.  

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, so here are a few around the outside.

St Michael's Mount is an island off the southern coast of Cornwall.  (61kb)


A view from the town of Marizion. (74kb) Another shot as we walk down to the boats. (84kb)
On the boat, heading toward the castle. (152kb) The vorpal bunny got there first, bounding up the hill, because he wanted to check it out. (275kb)


A view of the castle entrance. (225kb)
The coat of arms over the door into the castle.  (331kb) A view of the castle gardens from one of the castle terraces.  It is a LONG way down! (275kb)


The vorpal bunny on the railing of a terrace.  (240kb)
A view of the small harbor and the town of Marazion. (208kb) Peter and the vorpal bunny in an observation corner of the terrace. (276kb)


An ancient carved stone pillar top from the chapel. (340kb)
Debbie on the boat, heading back to shore. (164kb) The mount, again seen from the boat. (165kb) Debbie and the vorpal bunny sitting on the coast. (164kb)
One last shot of Debbie and the vorpal bunny before we leave St. Michael's Mount. (174kb)  

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