San Marino

17 July: Depart Verona for one of the world's smallest countries, medieval San Marino on the Adriatic coast.  We visited the historic medieval fortifications high upon Mount Titan, and wandered the narrow up-and-down streets of this lovely city.

A view over the railing looking out across Italy from San Marino (192kb) One of the medieval towers of San Marino Looking down the ridge to the third San Marino tower.
Looking out across Italy. A different view out across Italy. Another view looking from the 2nd tower down the ridge to the third tower.
Looking back at the first tower A parade of San Marino's medieval celebration One of the individual performers.
A group of musicians Inside the neo Gothic municipal building. Detail in the municipal building.
In the government room. Detail of the wall in the municipal building. Detail of the door of the municipal building.
Dinner. A shot of Lavender and Cinnamon More at dinner.
Dewi. Some of the San Marino celebration and performers San Marino's performance.
Debbie with Elizabeth's cool cat mask from San Marino. The cat mask from the side.

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