Edzell and Arbroath

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Abroath Abbey was founded for monks of the order of Tiron in 1178, by King William the Lion. Construction began then, but it wasn't consecrated until 1233.


The south transept of the Abbey.  (180 kb) The two story sacristy was added by Bishop Pannier in the first half of the 15th century. (275 kb)


Looking back toward the entrance.  You can see the remains of the gallery (over the main door) and the two western towers. (184 kb)
A view of the remains from south.  (193 kb) A view of the south transept from the south range. (178 kb)

 A painted display. (190kb)

Some bits of woodwork on display in the abbot's house. (281 kb) Info on the bits of woodwork. (114 kb) Another shot of the painted display. (186 kb)


The Declaration of Arbroath, penned in 1320, which stated the Scottish refusal to be dominated by the English. (285 kb) A close up of the some of the seals on the declaration.  (271 kb)


A view of the gatehouse from outside. (161 kb)

From Arbroath, we went to see Dunblane Cathedral.

A view of the exterior of Dunblane Cathedral. (230 kb)


Dublane has some nice choir stalls with theses really neat misericords.  (325 kb) A thistles and crowns misericord. (254 kb)
An animal misiercord. (346 kb)

A nice heraldic misericord.  (248kb)

Carving over the cathedral entrance.  (255kb)


Another really neat misericord. (320 kb)

Carving over the cathedral entrance.  (243kb)


From Dunblane, we went to see Doune Castle, built by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, in the last half of the 14th century.  You can see some shots of Doune's exterior on a Christmas 2003 page.

The inside of Doune castle, with a neat existing tower. (321 kb)

A different shot of the inside of Doune, showing the entrance gate/arch on the right.  (282kb)


Information on the Dukes of Albany, part 1. (100kb)
Information on the Dukes of Albany, part 1. (99kb)

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