Visit to Doune Castle and Beeston Castle

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One the drive home from Scotland, we stopped at Doune Castle in Scotland, and went back to Beeston Castle, near Chester.

Doune Castle, Scotland, not far from Stirling. (121kb)


A slightly different angle. (106kb) The back side of Doune Castle. (117kb)

Set 500 feet above the Cheshire Plain and standing on rocky crags, Beeston Castle has perhaps the most stunning views from any castle in England.  

The medieval fortress you see today is a Crusader's castle, inspired by the impregnable hilltop strongholds of the Holy Land.  Beeston Castle was built by Ranulf, 6th Earl of Chester, in 1255 following his return from the Crusades.  It was seized by King Henry III in 1237, and remained in royal ownership until the 16th century.  The design withstood a year-long siege during the English Civil War.


Beeston castle is situated on a high outcropping of rock rising from the Chester plain.  It is only approachable from one side.  This is the gatehouse on the approachable side.  (163kb)


A view of Beeston Castle proper, part way up the approachable side.  (109kb) Looking up the bridge at the twin towers around the entry. (142kb)
The view from one side of Beeston. (83kb) A different view out over the Chester plain. (84kb)


And a third view from the castle. (129kb)
The fourth view from the castle, with part of the wall in the foreground. (144kb)


A better shot of the fourth view. (210kb) Looking down the well...  (94kb)
Deb standing in one of the towers near the bridge. (247kb) The tower window looking out on the bridge. (124kb) The view from that tower window, looking out over the entry bridge. (144kb)


Deb standing out on the bridge.  (161kb)


Deb standing inside the entry gate. (139kb) Deb, even closer. (122kb)
Peter, standing inside one of the towers along the outer protection wall of the hillside. (196kb)


Deb sitting in the remains of a protective tower.  (212kb) Another shot of Deb. (196kb)
Another shot of Peter. (181kb) The interior of the protective wall down near the bottom. (121kb)


The exterior of the inner protective wall. (173kb)
From Beeston castle, you can just see Peckforton castle, across the valley on another hill. (121 The silhouette of Peckforton against the evening sky.  (14kb)


A view from just outstide the walls of Peckforton.  (148kb)
The entrance tower of Peckforton. (173kb) A view across Peckforton's courtyard. (149kb) A slightly different angle on the courtyard, showing the stables on the left. (120kb)


A view back across the courtyard, showing the chapel and the entrance. (101kb) A closeup of one of the hall entrances. (112kb)



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