Edzell and Arbroath

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Edzell Castle was the seat of the Lindsays.  The Lindsays built this red sandstone castle in the 16th century, the focus of which was the lofty tower house.  Other buildings and ranges were added later.


A view of the inside of the castle showing the existing tower ( because we approach from the back side).  (204 kb)


Information on the castle front.. (78 kb)


The front of the castle. (270 kb)
Dubheasa standing in front of the castle.  (281 kb) Dubheasa inside the tower. (269 kb) The elegant gardens laid out next to the tower. (283 kb)


The fireplace of the main room in the tower. (281kb) A nice aerial view of the gardens, taken from the tower. (252 kb) An outbuilding at the far side of the gardens. (272 kb)


Another shot of the outbuilding. (249 kb) A side view of the outbuilding and the wall around the garden.  (231 kb)


A view of the tower from across the garden. (157 kb)
The view from the back, looking at the more ruined part of the castle.  (The tower, as you see in the next picture, is off to the left). (238 kb)


A view (from the back) showing the central part of the castle.  (216 kb) The gate, next to the tower, that leads into the garden. (289 kb)
A view (from the back) of the left side of the castle. (209 kb)

The nifty entrance gate to the town of Edzell.  (193kb)


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