Tyne & Wear County

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Leaving Northumberland, we drove down to Newcastle in the County of Tyne and Wear.  


On the north side of the River Tyne, on the headland, is Tynemouth Priory and Castle.

Peter standing on the coast with Tynemouth Priory behind him.  The castle gate is just visible on the right.  (230kb)


Another view down the coast to Tynemouth Priory. (152kb)  Peter at the gated entrance to the Castle. (275kb)
Looking east at the Priory church.  (178kb) Another shot. (178kb) The priory church looking southeast. (140kb) 
The east end of the priory church.  (183kb) Looking through a door in the rood screen at the east end of the church. (220kb) 


East end of the church seen through the arch in the south quire aisle. (219kb) 
Peter standing in the crossing   (213kb) South wall of the presbytery, showing all the cool arches. (266kb) 


A neat stone face. (313kb)
The east end of the roof of a small vaulted chapel, the Percy Chantry.  At the top is the head of Christ, below that is the risen Christ holding a banner, below that is St Andrew seated, and at the bottom center is Christ seated between four angels with trumpets. (486kb)


The west end of the Percy Chantry roof. At the top center is Christ seated between four angels with trumpets, below that is St James seated holding a staff and a book, below that is St John the Baptist holding a lamb, and at bottom is the Lamb of God with a cross and flag.  (476kb)  The middle of the roof. (464kb)
The 19th century restored window in the Percy Chantry.  (238kb) Looking off the headland out to the North Sea. (147kb)  The priory church from the southeast, with the graveyard in the foreground. (168kb)


Looking west at the east end of the priory church, with the Percy Chantry in the center.  (220kb) Looking at the priory church from a window in the gatehouse.  (140kb) A better shot. (195kb)
The inside of the castle gatehouse (and most all that remains of the castle.  (151kb) A closeup view of the gate from the front. (241kb)  


On the south side of the River Tyne, is Bede's World, dedicated to the Saint Bede the Venerable.  

A Glastonbury chair in the small church.    (198kb)  The same chair from the back  (182kb)


A close up of the carving on a different Glastonbury chair.  (243kb)
The 12th century church. (187kb) A doorway in the remaining cloister wall. (308kb)



In Newcastle is Hylton Castle, which is the remains of a castle built by Sir William Hilton between 1374 and 1420. The keep gatehouse still stands. Adorning the fašades is a fine display of medieval heraldic shields.

The front of Hylton castle gatehouse. (215kb) And the same, a little further back. (163kb) A close up of the heraldic shields.  (241kb)


The front of the chapel remains, which stands to the side of the gatehouse.  (241kb) The heraldic shields on the chapel. (261kb)


The castle gatehouse from the rear. (179kb)


A close up shot of the cool dear, helmet, and coat of arms on the rear of the gatehouse. (459kb)

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