Prudhoe Castle and Durham Cathedral

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From Newcastle, we drove west up the Tyne Valley, to Prudhoe Castle which was economic base for the barony of Prudhoe.
The info plaque on Prudhoe castle.  (218kb)  The outer gate, at the end of the drawbridge. (214kb) Looking from the outer gate up towards the gatehouse. (202kb) 
A rabbit that Debbie saw from the outer gate.  (234kb) An info sign on the barbican, showing the layout of the castle. (216kb) 


The outer walls, with the slope down to the moat. (195kb) 
The inner ward.   (211kb) An info sign on the gatehouse, showing the chapel over the gatehouse. (199kb)  


A view from across the inner ward, looking back at the gatehouse. (174kb) 
A model of the castle as it stood in the 13th century.  (249kb) Another shot (with flash).  (240kb)  

After leaving Prudhoe, we drove down to Durham, but arrived very late in the afternoon, so we didn't get to see much.  We will go back to see Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle.

The roof of the cloisters next to the cathedral.  (203kb) A close up of one of the bosses in the cloister walk ceiling.  (210kb)


The central tower of Durham cathedral. (242kb) 
The entrance to Durham castle (which was closed.)  (184kb) Durham cathedral from across the square. (155kb)  A different angle across the square. (188kb) 

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