Lindisfarne Priory and Warkworth Castle (Northumberland)

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In Aug 2004, after leaving Edinburgh, Debbie and I toured Northumberland.


We started with the Lindisfarne Priory on the Holy Island. Lindisfarne was founded when King Oswald of Northumbria asked monks from Iona to found a monastery there.  Aidan came to Lindisfarne in 635 and became the first Bishop of Northumbria (then known as Bernicia).  

The Lindisfarne Gospels (now at the British Library) is the most important surviving treasure from early Northumbria (Northern England). Written between 715 and 720 in honour of St Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne, who died in 687

A picture of a reproduction sample page (page 18) of the Lindisfarne Gospels.   (192kb)


Another page (page 17) from the manuscript. (247kb)

You can view the online, digitized manuscript at the British Library website.


The outside of the priory. (197kb)
A view of the entrance to the church. (276kb) Inside the nave, looking towards the altar. (194kb) Information on the Priory. (199kb)


A view from the outbuildings on the right side of the church.  (163kb) An artsy shot of the (16th century) fortress that protects the island.  (154kb) Another view. (180kb)



From Lindisfarne, we drove further south in Northumberland to visit Warkworth Castle.  Belonging to the Earl of Northumberland, the first castle was a 12th century one, although most of the remains are 13th and 14th century.

Warkworth sits on a hill overlooking the town. (178kb) A view of the back side. (211kb) The gatehouse, and the remains of a tower that was entrance to the hall, chapel, and solar. (174kb)


The view looking over the castle wall (from the parking lot). (189kb) The gate house. (314kb) The main keep, from inside the castle gate.  (177kb)


 The view from the keep, looking towards the gatehouse.  (The Lion Tower is on the right). (145kb)


The "Lion Tower".  (233kb) Another shot of the keep. (152kb)


Peter standing over the gatehouse.  (279kb)    

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