Visit to Gamla Uppsala

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After visiting Uppsala Cathedral, we took just a few minutes to visit "Gamla Uppsala" (or historic Uppsala) with its church, dating from the 13th century, containing a bishop's throne from the 12th century, and a couple of chests, 12th century, and 14th century.


A 12th century chest hollowed out by fire and gouge, it required 7 keys to open al the locks. (86kb) Looking at the chest straight on. (77kb)


A top view of the chest. (163kb)
A 14th century chest richly decorated with a Gothic patterns of rings and roses. (111kb) A more straight on shot. (97kb)


An oblique angle of the other side of the chest.     (120kb)
The right end of the chest. (130kb) The right half of the front. (195kb)


Looking at the top of the chest from the right side.  You can see the hole for money. (142kb)
A shot of the entire top.  (136kb) Another shot of the top, but from the front.. (108kb)


The 12th century bishop's chair.  (106kb)
Looking straight on at the bishop's chair. .   (156kb) Detail of the left side. (110kb)


An oblique angle of the right side. (124kb)
Close-up of the seat, from the right side.  (140kb) Detail of the left side of the chair (131kb)


The chair as it is normally displayed with a nice cushion.  (106kb)
This reredos was made during the second half of the 15th century.   (164kb) Some of the figures are hard to identify due to their attributes being lost or damaged.  (168kb)


A statue of St. Erik. (32kb)

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