Visit to Sweden's Museum of National Antiquities (Historiska Museet).

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The Historiska Museet holds the most extensive Viking exhibition in Sweden, including the famous Mastermyr chest.  These are our photos of the exhibition.  Some of the information sheets were in Swedish only, and I need to have friends translate them for me so I can include the information here, but that won't happen for a few weeks.


The Sigsarve treasure, one of Gotland's largest silver hoards. (203kb) Information on the Sigsarve treasure. (139kb)


Part of the Vårby treasure (164kb)
Info on the Vårby treasure.  (157kb) More of the treasures. (196kb) A close up of part.  (188kb)


Some spurs.  (137kb)


Spur info (in Swedish). (148kb) Miscellaneous stuff  (258kb)


Info on the stuff (in Swedish)  (62kb) More stuff.(186kb) info.  (37kb)


Glass goblets. (151kb) Info on the glass. (77kb)


Costly goods from abroad! (111kb)


golden necklaces. (79kb) General info on import goods. (219kb) Specific info on the displays.   (84kb)


more specific info. (80kb) Some really cool jewelry. (80kb) info on the jewelry. (56kb)


The famous Mastermyr chest. (97kb) A shot from the end. (160kb) The back of the chest. (154kb)


Another shot from the front. (124kb) and one more! (62kb)


Some really cool buckles. (189kb) A neat jewelled medallion.(120kb) Some penanular brooches. (127kb)


Traditional Viking brooches. (145kb) An unusual find, cross-cut 'pin-hinge' scissors. (104kb)


Info on the scissors. (52kb)
some info on ???. (65kb) A really neat brooch. (95kb) Info. (56kb)


A neat buckle and belt end. (117kb) And another one. (105kb) info (54kb)


Information on a really neat chest, bound with cut metal. (28kb)


The cool chest. (191kb) A shot from an oblique angle. (131kb)
A carved church pew. (193kb) Info on the pew. (64kb) The side of the pew. (235kb)
The back of the pew. (163kb) A really neat altar..(169kb)


Info on the altar..(124kb)
An aquamanile (for holding and pouring water)! (134kb)


Pilgrim badges.  (75kb)
Seals attached to a scroll. (54kb) A slightly closer and more detailed shot (when viewed large. (138kb)


A seal matrix and seal.  (147kb)
A folding hinged crown from the 14th century. (105kb)


Info on the crown. (30kb) A different pew. (151kb)
Info on the pew. (33kb) A desk. (191kb) Info on the desk. (45kb)


 A cool chest with designs in metal on the front.! (108kb)


Info on the chest. (18kb) A shot from the other end. (92kb)
A second, plainer, chest in the same room.. (113kb)


The back of the plainer chest. (99kb) Another shot of the back. (47kb)


A third chest, to the left of the plain chest. (77kb)


A couple of medieval doors. (107kb) A carved wooden spire. (77kb)
A carved chest from the 14th century. (116kb)


Info on the carved chest. (46kb) A shot with the museum's lighting.  (123kb)
The top of the carved chest. (207kb) A shot of the side.  Interesting vertical bar not placed in the center of the side. (139kb) A (flash) shot of the front. (84kb)


A (no-flash) shot of the front. (185kb) An oblique shot. (174kb) Another frontal shot. (206kb)


One last frontal shot. (70kb) Some pilgrim badges. (94kb) pilgrim badge info (32kb)


Flat Stanley decided to check out the runestones. Here is the first one. (95kb) And here he is hanging out near the second one... (85kb)


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