Visit to Stockholm and the Vasa.

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Shortly before we left, we received a "Flat Stanley" from a friend in the US who wanted us to take pictures of Stanley's trip abroad for her 2nd grade class back home.  Stanley appears throughout various episodes during our trip to Sweden.

The "Vasa" is a warship that sank in Stockholm's harbour in 1628 (after sailing only a few thousand feet).  In the 1600's, King Vasa commissioned a ship to help in the battles with Poland. The king took a personal interest in the design - unfortunately. He asked the shipbuilders for two gun decks, as opposed to the standard one. When the ship was finished, it pulled away from the quay, heeled over in a small breeze, and sank to the bottom. It was found in 1956, and finally raised to the surface in 1961, preserved and restored, and finally moved to its own museum building. Aside from the ship, over a hundred sailors' remains and their gear was recovered - some of this material is on display in the galleries surrounding the ship.  Click here for more info on the Vasa Museum, the disaster and recovery.


Flat Stanley on the airplane. (100kb) Stanley with a statue of King Gustav II. (60kb)


Peter, Debbie, and Flat Stanley in front of the Vasa.  (117kb)
A better shot of the Vasa. .  (136kb) Some miscellaneous items recovered from the Vasa. (78kb)


Info on the misc items.  (61kb)\
Since the Vasa is massive, and the lighting not very good, Debbie and Stanley posed with a model of the Vasa.  (115kb)


A lamp and key from the Vasa. (144kb) Info on the lamp and key. (29kb)


A tankard. (156kb) A jug. (50kb) Info on the tankard and jug. (41kb)


A different style of tankard. (115kb) Info on the different tankard (104kb)


A toolchest from the Vasa. (136kb)
Info on the toolchest.  (102kb) A seaman's chest from the Vasa. (133kb)


Info on the seaman's chest. (134kb)
A combination lock on a chest. (195kb) Info on the lock. (652kb) Some music from the Vasa.  (162kb)


A set of bagpipes from the Vasa. (151kb) Info on the bagpipes  (167kb) Another shot of the pipes. (156kb)


Peter and Stanley in front of the Nordiska Museet, but since none of their medieval collections were on display we left pretty quickly (without any pictures).  (90kb)


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