Rhine River Cruise w/ Dennis &Laurie

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Dennis Sherman and Laurie Erickson came to visit in October and we took a Rhine River cruise.  
The "Mäuseturm" tower on an island in the middle of the Rhine River.  Probably built in the 13th century as a lookout tower for Castle Ehrenfels. (160kb) Burg Ehrenfels, built around 1215 as a customs fortress, passing into the possession of the archbishops of Mainz around 1270. (94kb).  


Legend has it that the hard-hearted Bishop Otto sought refuge in the tower from a swarm of mice, but the mice swam after him and devoured him.  (234kb)
Burg Ehrenfels has remained a ruin since it was destroyed by the French in 1689 (192 kb) The romantic village of Assmanshausen, famous for its red wines, with its first official mention in 1108.  (249 kb)


The "Krone" inn, famous for its beautiful half timbered exterior visible from boats on the Rhine. (223 kb) 
Armor guards the stairs
Burg Rheinstein, first built around 900 as a customs house for the empire. (183 kb) In 990, given by Emperor Otto III to the archbishopric of Mainz, which extended it into a fortress.  (301 kb)


Prince Fredrich Wilhelm of Prussia bought the ruin in 1825 and rebuilt it. (311 kb)
The Clemens Chapel below Burg Reichenstein. The chapel was built in the 13th century and is one of the oldest churches along the Rhine.  (205 kb)


Burg Reichenstein, built in the 11th century.  Destroyed in 1253 and again in 1282.   Reichenstein was purchased and renovated in 1899 by Baron von Kirsch-Puricelli (275 kb)
Burg Sooneck, built in the 12th century. (143 kb) Burg Sooneck was also destroyed in the 13th century, and was rebuilt in 1349.  (162 kb) Sooneck was destroyed by the French in 1689, and rebuilt in the romantic style by Prine Fredrich Wilhelm of Prussia. (189 kb)


Castle Furstenberg, built in 1200 by the Archbishop of Cologne. (121 kb) Destroyed by the French in 1689, it has been a ruin ever since.  The tower has remained in good condition (and is being repaired here.) (97 kb)


The Gothic parish church in the town of Lorch was first built in the 13th century. (270 kb)
Lorch's Gothic parish church. (215 kb) Burg Stahleck, above the town of Bacharach, was started in the twelfth century.  (110 kb)


Destroyed by the French in 1689, Stahleck became a youth hostel in 1925.  (113 kb)
The island fortress "Pfalzgrafenstein" resembles a stone ship, pointed upstream, in the middle of the river near Kaub. (91 kb) Castle Gutenfels, above the town of Kaub. (149 kb) Pfalzgrafenstein was used to collect exhorbitant tolls on the river.  (126 kb)


Pfalzgrafenstein was never taken, because the rocky promontory and swift current make it virtually impregnable. Burg Gutenfels can be seen in the background. (195 kb)


Burg Gutenfels, above the Pfalzgrafenstein, was used by Ludwig the Bavarian as a customs fortress to collect Rhine tolls. (152 kb) Gutenfels was built circa 1200 by officials of the Falkenstein-Münzenberg. (162 kb)
Schönburg Castle, above the town of Oberwesel, was first built before 1149. (85 kb) By 1266, no fewer than five families of the lords of Schönburg were living in the castle. (106 kb)


The Church of St. Martin in the town of Oberwesel. (120 kb)
Destroyed by the French in 1689, it was purchased in 1885 and renovation work began. (129 kb) A closer view of St. Martin's church. (127 kb) A view of Oberwesel with parts of its medieval town fortifications, and the Church of  Our Lady in the background. (203 kb)


The Church of our Lady in Oberwesel, along with a tower of the town's fortifications. (242 kb)


The Ochsenturm (Oxen Tower) in Oberwesel. (188 kb) The famous Lorely rock.  (220 kb)
Burg Katz, above St. Goarshausen, was built in 1371. (172 kb) A view of Rheinfels Castle, above the town of St. Goar, was built in the middle of the 13th century. (184 kb)


A closer shot of Rheinfels Castle. (104 kb)
After hiking up to Rheinfels castle, here is a shot of the outer courtyard (although it sure looked like a moat.) (249 kb)


Laurie and Dennis inside the first entranceway of Rheinfels. (195 kb) Laurie looking out on the Rhine from a vantage in Rheinfels castle. (197 kb)
Some wax seals on display in the museum inside Rheinfels castle. (151 kb) Three more seals in the Rheinfels museum, showing some different shapes for wax seals. (79 kb)


A view of the interior courtyard of Rheinfels castle. (278 kb)
Looking off the clock tower of Rheinfels, along the river side of the castle. (239 kb) Laurie and Dennis on the clock tower.  You can see Burg Maus in the background. (228 kb)


A better shot of Laurie and Dennis.  (217 kb)
A view inside one of the underground tunnels under Rheinfels.  It was pretty dark and so a flash was the only way to take a picture. (203 kb) Laurie thinks we should go this way.  (175 kb) An artsy shot showing a series of arches in Rheinfels. (120 kb)
A defensive room with the only natural light coming through two arrow slits (only real light through one), designed to shoot arrow down on the enemy.  (185 kb)


Another shot of this room. (215 kb) A 1470 Gothic triptych from the school of the "Hausbuchmeister" forms the centerpiece of the Roman Catholic parish church in St.Goar. (165 kb)
A 14th century Goar epitaph.  (152 kb) View of just the center panel of the triptych. (159 kb)


The left panels of the triptych. (162 kb)
The right panels of the triptych. (304 kb) Burg Katz, formally "Neukatzenelnbogen", built above St. Goarshausen in 1371.  (120 kb)


Burg Katz, blown up by the French in 1806 and partially restored in 1896. (164 kb)
Schönburg, St. Martin's Church, and Oberwesel.  (154 kb) One of the medieval fortifications of Oberwesel. (277 kb)


Other fortifications in Oberwesel. (158 kb)
Schönburg and St. Martin's Church  (181 kb)