Visit to Huntingtower Castle and the Perth Museum.

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We drove down to Perth, to visit Huntingtower Castle and the Perth Museum.


Huntingtower Castle. (111kb) The room with a really cool painted ceiling, from the 14th century. (131kb)


The back side of Doune Castle. (186kb)
Another shot of the ceiling.  (137kb)


One of the rooms on the top floor, with a nice fireplace and roof timbers. (171kb The roof timbers. (193kb)
The outside of Huntingtower. (141kb) An oak stool, made in Scotland around 1600. (190kb)


The interesting thing is the drawer. (121kb)
A different angle. (123kb)


A close-up straight on. (121kb) A chair from 1588  (114kb)
Info on the chair. (44kb) A different angle on the chair, especially showing the method the arms attach to the supports. (120kb)


A close-up of the seat. (128kb)
One last angle, showing the sides.  (118kb)


Info and picture of "beggar's badges". (115kb) A spur and some cool rings. (150kb)
An attempt to get a good image of the spur prick. (56kb) A close-up of the spur. (70kb) Another try to get a good image. (126kb)


The best close-up of the spur. (32kb) Another shot, with flash. (32kb) Some different pieces, including a different type of spur. (83kb)


Another shot of the different spur. (71kb) A really cool pilgrim badge and a seal. (78kb)


Another shot of the seal. (69kb)
 A close-up of the pilgrim's badge. (55kb) A neat pilgrim's ampulla. (185kb) A close-up of the ampulla  (59kb)


A different, really interesting ampula(71kb) Another shot. (61kb) Some pewter brooches. (103kb)


Some shoes, identified as "medieval" but not by a specific year or century. The cool bit is the reference to the felt (wool) lining. (73kb)


A close-up shot. (43kb) A barrel lock.  (101kb)
A really cool mirror case, made from pewter. (78kb) A close-up of the mirror case. (36kb)



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