Visit to Nunney Castle and Donnington Castle

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The day after New Year's, we had some free time to continue exploring local sites.  So we visited Nunney Castle, Farleigh Hungerford Castle, and Donnington Castle.


One side of Nunney Castle. (106kb) The same side of Nunney, but from the opposite tower. (103kb)


The info on Nunney. (124kb)


One of the towers inside Nunney. (140kb) Tom and Barb pose for a shot in the "door" to Nunney.  You can see the renovation scaffolding in the background. (197kb)


The side of Nunney with the entrance.  (Note the bridge). (106kb)

On the way from Nunney Castle to Farleigh Hungerford, we saw this really cool looking little "hotel".  I have other pictures of Farleigh Hungerford castle, so I didn't take any this time.

The hotel as seen from the road. (174kb)


Another shot. (148kb) A slightly different angle. (140kb)
Donnington Castle from the bottom of the hill.  (96kb)


Inside the outer walls of Donnington.  (85kb) A different angle on the remains of Donnington. (118kb)
Straight on at the remaining tower. (89kb) Information on Donnington. (143kb)


A close-up of the layout after the English Civil War. (74kb)

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