Visit to Hampton Court Palace, Salisbury Cathedral, and Stonehenge.  

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On 30 December, after picking up some friends in London, we went to visit Hampton Court Palace.  The palace was having an "Elizabethan Christmas" exhibit, and was doing a special demo in the Tudor kitchens, where they were cooking and then would sit down and eat the meal they cooked.  


Bread laid out in the bakery. (47kb)


Preparing some meats to on the fire. (124kb) Working on a marzipan chess set. (126kb)
Some of the marzipan chess pieces.  (128kb) Preparing the spices for use later in the day.  (110kb)


The Tudor cellar, full of casks. (111kb)
The table starting to be set for the food.  A mug (pint) of claret, a piece of bread (as a 2nd napkin), a plate and a spoon for each person.  The clear glass of wine in the middle was shared among 5 people.  (92kb)


The table being set with some of the food. (94kb)


All the food on the table, and the cooks getting ready to sit down and eat, but first a short explanation of all the food items! (141kb)
A nice view of Hampton Court Palace.  We could only take pictures in the Tudor kitchens. (116kb)


The motley group of friends! (153kb) A cool dragon statue standing guard outside the palace.  (97kb)
A different angle on the dragon. (67kb) The dragon's companion, a unicorn. (84kb)


Another angle on the unicorn. (94kb)

On 31 December we went to visit Salisbury cathedral, and then went to Stonehenge on New Year's Day.  

Inside Salisbury cathedral, looking down the nave from behind the altar.  (162kb)


A "Glastonbury" chair in the morning chapel. (137b) Another shot. (162kb)
A close-up of the carving on the arms. (124kb)


A close-up of the carving on the back.  (160kb)


Late afternoon sun on Stonehenge. (93kb)
Setting sun behind Stonehenge. (53kb) Another shot from a slightly angle (as I walked along the fence line). (52kb)


The setting sun directly behindStonhenge.  (70kb)
The sun peeking through the stones. (57kb) The final glimpse before the sun sets.  (58kb)


A dusk view of the stones.  (66kb)

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