Visit to Brougham Castle, Carlisle Castle, and Carlisle Cathedral

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These are the pictures from our drive north towards Scotland, and our visit to Brougham Castle, Carlisle Castle, and Carlisle Cathedral.


The "Canal Turn" restaurant (in Carnforth) where we ate dinner during the drive up. (109kb)


Brougham Castle (140kb) Brougham Castle from across the river. (108kb)
Another angle. (156kb)


Brougham, from the side, across the river. (154kb) A different angle of Brougham, from the opposite side (than the river).  (115kb)


After Brougham, we stopped in Carlisle to see the castle and cathedral.


The front of Carlisle castle. (93kb) Looking straight into the entrance gate tower of Carlisle castle. (108kb)


A model of Carlisle town, showing the castle in the bottom left.  (164kb)
The inside of the inner entrance to Carlisle. (117kb) Looking off the ramparts, out onto the courtyard and main entrance gate tower of Carlisle castle. (121kb)


Debbie on the ramparts, near the tower of the inner castle. (110kb)
In the entrance gate tower, was this really nice hall and room for the tower chamberlain.  This shows the "gallery" over the end of the hall.  Deb is up in the left window. (142kb)


A shot of the hall from the gallery.  (121kb) Another hall shot, showing the tapestry and replica table and thrones. (128kb)
A replica bed in a small room behind the green tapestry (and wall) (108kb)
(shot without flash)
This is a better shot, taken with a flash.  (134kb) Some stacked cupboards in the wall on the left of the bed.  One door open, showing the cool hinge in the middle of the right door.  (96kb)


Another shot of the model, showing a little more of the town and the location of he cathedral.  (164kb)


The east window in the Carlisle cathedral.  (214kb) An angle shot showing the high altar and east window.  (198kb)
A shot of the back of the choir stalls, showing the medieval painting and the ornately painted ceiling. (139kb)


A clearer shot of the back of the (other) choir stall.   (250kb) Info describing the paintings on the choir stalls.   (193kb)



After touring the cathedral, we then went into the cathedral treasury...


One of the ceiling bosses from the medieval ceiling, circa 1400. (133kb)


Another ceiling boss (140kb) And one more!  (161kb)


A cool buckle and belt tip, from the 10th century. (104kb) A picture of both buckles sets.  (111kb)


An attempt to display the info on the second buckle.  (93kb)

"Copper alloy belt buckle.  There are identical examples from Viking York and a Norse grave in the Hebrides. 10th century"


  A flash shot of the second buckle. (75kb) A funerary urn. (101kb) Info on the urn. (61kb)


Another copper alloy buckle from the 10th century. (95kb) A silver chalice and leather chalice case, 15th century  (123kb)


Info on the chalice and case. (65kb)
Some nice photos of stained glass in the cathedral (on the exhibit pane).  (204kb) A chest from 1500   (117kb)


Info on the chest.  (19kb)
Another angle.  (134kb) The inside of the lid.  (123kb)


The inside of the chest.   (102kb)
Another 16th century chest near the cathedral entrance. (132kb) Same chest, with the lid closed. (95kb)


Another angle.  (104kb)

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