St. Mary's Chapel and Dunkeld Cathedral

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These are shots from Saint Mary's Chapel, Grandtully, and Dunkeld Cathedral.

Info on St. Mary's Chapel, Grandtully. (135kb) A shot of the painted ceiling of St. Mary's chapel.  (281kb)


Detail of the roof.   (276kb)

When the church was enlarged in 1636, a new painted ceiling was placed over the eastern part of the building.  This was done at a time when King Charles was trying to make the church in Scotland more like that in England.  It is not clear however, whether the ceiling was placed here to emphasize the area around the communion table, or if it was because the laird had his pew in this part.  The ceiling is decorated with the arms of families connected with the Stewarts of Grandtully, with depcitions of the apostles, and with a number of suitable aph???    ???? is a panel showing a death scene and the last judgement.


Detail of the roof.   (261kb) Detail of the roof.   (262kb)


Detail of the roof.   (275kb)
Detail of the roof.   (268kb) Detail of the roof.   (256kb) Detail of the roof.   (244kb)
The tower of Dunkeld Cathedral (107kb) Details of a seal in Dunkeld Cathedral museum.  (85kb)


Another shot of the seal. (91kb)
And another.  (128kb)


Other seals in Dunkeld Cathedral.  (98kb) Same seals without flash. (77kb)
Info on a tomb in Dunkeld Cathedral.  (66kb)


A different set of info on the same tomb.  (116kb)


A close-up of the plaque belt on the tomb. (207kb)


Another plaque belt shot. (168kb)


The tomb of the Wolf of Badenoch.  (123kb) Another shot of the tomb. (39kb)

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