Aberfeldy & Pitlochry

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These are shots from around Aberfeldy and the nearby town of Pitlochry.  We started our tour of Pitlochry with the Moulin Brewery behind the Moulin Hotel. It is a small brewery that only makes enough for the hotel and one other pub.  Then we went to the Edradour Distillery, and drove around the countryside seeing various cool things like Loch Tay and the Fortingall Yew Tree


Three of the four fermenting vessels in the Moulin Brewery.  (106kb)


The other fermenter and the kettle.  (107kb) The mash tun and control unit. (103kb)


The brewer (who used to work at the Edradour distillery). (115kb)


An example of an illegal still from the old days. (157 Some coopering tools. (122kb)
More coopering tools.  (218kb)


A different angle on the illegal still model. (241kb) We drove up to see Loch Tay. (149kb)
Another shot out across the lake. (103kb) Peter standing by the loch. (130kb)


Peter again.(116kb)


Some ducks we were feeding at water's edge. (90kb) This is the entrance to Taymouth Castle, which also has a golf course! (53kb)


A really cool shot of the Lyon (river) running toward Fortingall.  (275kb)


 The Lyon river. (274kb) Information on the oldest tree in Europe, possibly the world. (160kb) A shot of the yew through the fence.  The white posts in the ground show the former diameter of the tree.  (296kb)


On our way home from visiting a friend on St. Stephen's Day (Boxing Day), we took these shots of Stirling Castle. (64kb) Stirling Castle at night. (70kb)


Stirling Castle at night.  (62kb)
Stirling Castle at night. (68kb)



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