Tour of Yorkshire 2004

Mount Grace Priory

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Set amid woodland below the escarpment of the North York Moors, the ruins of this 14th-century monastery represent the best preserved ‘charterhouse’ of the 10 Carthusian monasteries in Britain. A reconstructed monk’s cell and herb garden offer visitors a glimpse into the daily lives of the medieval residents. The gardens – remodelled in the early 20th century – are now a haven for wildlife.


The Mount Grace info sign. (72kb) A model of the priory layout. (212kb)


A different angle on the priory model.  (240kb)
Info on the priory model.  (188kb) A low angle shot of the model.  (174kb)


A model of the monk's cell. (282kb)
The monk's cell model without flash. (249kb) A lower angle on the monk's cell model. (255kb)


Info on the monk's cell model.  (76kb)
Some of the cool items found during excavations. (167kb) Deb sitting at the monk's writing table in the outer room of his cell. (out in the real cell).  (179kb)


 The monk's bed chamber. (222kb)
A view of the chest in the monk's bed chamber. (179kb) The decorated furniture in the monk's study/worship room. (189kb)


The stairs going up to the upper work area. (209kb) 
The top of the stairs and a view of the upper work room. (239kb) A view across the monastery grounds.  Each of the doors is a monk's cell.  The building on the left is the reconstructed monk's cell (in the pictures above). (221kb)


Looking across the monastery grounds at the remains of the monastery church. (187kb) 
A closer view of the church. (292kb) A view of the church from the opposite side. (220kb)


One more of the church (with less foliage in the way).  (303kb)
The fancy gardens out in front of the manor house. (289kb) The front of the manor house. (246kb)


A pheasant in the gardens. (114kb) 
Another view of the pheasant. (169kb) Debbie was stalking the pheasant, trying to get some really good shots.  (95kb)


This one is pretty good. (85kb) 
And this one as well.  (112kb) There were other birds in the garden, including these sleeping (until we walked up on them) ducks.  (222kb)



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