Chepstow Castle

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After leaving Castell Coch, Tarythe and I stopped at Chepstow Castle  
Tarythe and the vorpal bunny outside Chepstow castle. (172kb) Another view of the front of Chepstow castle. (156kb)


An information panel on the gatehouse. (205kb)
A model of Chepstow castle as originally built, with the great tower. (144kb) The second phase of construction at Chepstow with the addition of two defensive towers. (121kb) The third (and most extensive) construction phase in Chepstow's history with the addition of the lower bailey, a gallery on the side of the great tower (dividing the upper and middle bailey), and the barbican on the northern end. (152kb)


The last construction stage, adding buildings in the lower bailey. (171kb)


The inside of the great hall. (293kb) An information panel on the great hall. (175kb)
A view inside the lower bailey. (148kb) A view inside the barbican, looking north. (202kb) The view of the barbican from the top of the barbican tower. (301kb)


Inside the barbican tower. (287kb) Another shot inside the barbican tower. (281kb)


An info panel on the great tower. (263kb)
Inside the great tower. (329kb) One of the nice corbels that once supported the arches inside the great tower. (245kb)


The nice carved stone around the windows of the great tower. (229kb)
A view of the middle bailey. (159kb) The vorpal bunny overlooking the middle bailey. (213kb) Some fine stone carving on the great tower. (286kb)
Nice carving on a gothic window in the Marian tower. (271kb) A view from the south tower, looking north at the lower bailey, middle bailey, and the great tower (with the dark doorway at the top). (105kb)  

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