Carmarthen Museum

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On the way home, the first stop was the Carmarthen Museum.
Information on the new order that the Normans brought to Wales. (211kb)


Bone tools. (371kb) Two rings and some enamelled pieces. (89kb)
Spurs (119kb) Spear tips and arrow points. (145kb)


A cool ring and annular brooch. (245kb)
Information on Dryslwyn Castle. (195kb) A really cool mace head. (169kb)


Information on town and country.  (230kb)
Cool buckles. (212kb) Stone tools. (190kb)


An alquerque board. (206kb)
Some neat pottery. (199kb) A bone comb and bone tool handles. (199kb)


Another view of the alquerque board. (185kb)
Information about Welsh saints. (272kb) Annular brooches. (196kb) A neat crucifix. (191kb)


Some cool medieval tiles. (236kb) More medieval tiles. (238kb) Information on the Roman city in Carmarthen. (204kb)


Roman oil lamps. (214kb) More cool oil lamps. (184kb) The two rings and some enamel. (158kb)


Two stone dice. (166kb) A carved chest. (182kb)


A nice picture of the side carvings. (179kb)
A close up of the side carvings. (288kb) The other side. (269kb) Another shot of the front. (219kb)

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